Trekking in Futaleufu

Walking through the mountains of Patagonia is an incredible experience,  with peaks of various shapes and sizes and the contrast generated between mountains, glaciers and clear blue sky.  It has all the elements to fill a day with peace and beauty, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The elevation difference between valley floor and mountain top is 6000ft (1800 mts).  Between the mountain ranges are numerous plains that form the different valleys of Futaleufu watershed, with old growth forests, rivers and lakes as well as many beautiful natural scenes.  On the longer treks you will see most of the flora and fauna of the region and have the opportunity to visit settlers in the places more remote than you ever imagined possible: a literal journey back in time.

At the end of each day’s trek we return to the comfort of our cozy lodge in Futaleufu for a hot dinner and relaxing time around the fire.

The Trekking available between the months of September and May.

Treks around Futaleufu:

Las Escalas Loop: This is a single day trek where we walk through the beautiful countryside, bordering the Class V Inferno Canyon of the Futaleufu River. We will have lunch at the home of some settlers then cross a swinging bridge over the Futaleufu River and return to town via an old growth native forest.

Piedra del Aguila: This half day trek, ascends the Espolon River to the confluence with the Bella Vista River. The final part of the hike rises 500 meters to a beautiful overlook of the Espolon River valley. This is the most popular hike in Futaleufu.

Hito el Huemul: This one day trek, follows the route to Piedra del Aguila, but continues on for two hours to the milestone marking the border between Argentina and Chile.

Pozón de los Reyes: This half-day trek, ascends to a lookout, where we see the beautiful Rio Chico canyon, a fast moving tributary of turquoise Futaleufu.

Multi-day treks can also be arranged from our lodge in Futaleufu. These give visitors the opportunity to experience the true solitude and remoteness of the Patagonia wilderness. Overnights in tents or in remote ranches along the way.

 The Hosteria Rio Grande is a lodge in Futaleufu offering year round lodging in all seasons. During the tourist season we specialize in adventure travel, offering connections to activities like:  rafting, kayaking,  fly fishing, horseback riding, and more.  Make our lodge in Futaleufu your choice for lodging.