Mountain Biking

 Mountain Biking in Futaleufu

Futaleufu is a mecca for bicycle tourists travelling up and down the Carretera  Austral, Chile’s famous Southern Highway.  It is the northern-most town in Chilean Patagonia and serves as the gateway between the Northern and Southern sections of Chile. Hundreds of cyclists pass through Futaleufu each year on their way to destinations further south.

Mountain Biking around the Futaleufu Valley primarily consists of mount bike touring and loop riding along lightly travelled valley roads. The routes are spectacular and traverse many different micro-climates and ecosystems.  Cyclists going on loop rides from Futaleufu will experience, narrow canyons, hanging bridges, glacier capped peaks, numerous water falls, and a spectacular country side with a 6000 ft relief.  The locals who originally settled here coined the phrase:  “Futaleufu, a landscape painted by  God”.

Because of the valley is so sparsely settled most of the trails in the valley are used for droving and do not lend themselves well to bicycling, especially after prolonged periods of rain. There is very little trail maintained as single track as might be found in the United States.

There are a number of companies in the village that rent mountain bikes or conduct mountain bike tours. You can choose from rides with a variety of lengths and distances. Rides suitable for children and families can be had as well.  As a guest of the Hosteria Rio Grande we will put you in contact with them and help you obtain bicycles for your visit. It is best to plan in advance to ensure availability.

The Hosteria Rio Grande is a Lodge in Futaleufu offering year accommodations in all seasons. During the tourist season we specialize in serving adventure travelers  offering connections to activities like:  rafting, kayaking,  fly fishing, horseback riding, and more.  Make our hotel in Futaleufu your choice for lodging.